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The day finally arrived, when it was Mikkeline’s and my turn to leave Denmark. After 2 weeks of staying at family and friends we were heading down to Cyprus and Morten, who left a week earlier.

Our first obstacle came when we hit Copenhagen airport. The company, which Morten works for booked our ticket – so instead of having one ticket with baby attachment, Mikkeline got a separate ticket. Before the age of two, you are not allowed to be in your own seat, and therefore do not have a separate ticket. After some back and forth in the airport, with 4 suit cases and a trolley – we got it sorted out – or so we thought! ‘Cause, as we were waiting for the last part of the trip (Athens-Larnaca), we were called on the speakers! Apparently SAS in Copenhagen had canceled Mikkelines ticket and they had also kept my receipt – so now Mikkeline was out a ticket. When I had explained the whole thing another problem occurred. We had also not payed for the extra baggage and I didn’t have enough cash to pay then and there. They were very nice and I ended up paying only for one bag and our trip could go on.

Half an hour late we departed Athens, but arrived on time in Larnace, where we were met by a smiling Morten.

Morten had rented a car, so after figuring our where to pay for the parking – we took off for Paphos – our new city to be. It takes 90 min to get from Larnaca to Paphos – and after finding the right high way, we were on our way.

 Arriving in Paphos

It is a very nice apartment we have got – 3 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, 1 balcony and a big combo kitchen -dining- living room. Morten had been so sweet to buy some flowers and cactusses of cause, his favorite. He had also taken all Mikkeline’s toys and put them in her room + put her letters, spelling out her name on the door. She felt at home right away. It is not until tonight that we have actually gotten a bed for Mikkeline. The first week, she has been sleeping in her trolley.

I’m very happy with the apartment and it feels like home already. Mikkeline also seems happy to be here and as she has accepted the whole move to Cyprus. She runs around and makes a lot of high noises. Very cute at first… but my ears almost fall of by bed time:)

Department of Labour

Back in DK I receive unemployment benefits. According to the EU laws, I can get 3 payed months with me, when I’m seeking work in another EU country. To receive the money I ONLY have to register at the Cyprus department of Labour. This is not easily done! To register here you first have to go to the immigration department and get a yellow slip of paper – but at the immigration department you have to register to get a date, on which you show up and seek of approval to immigrate. No problem, but I needed to register at the Labor department on Monday the 23rd of April and we got an appointment on the 29th of June!

After my failed attempt to register, I still had Monday to figure it out. So Monday I went back to the department of Labour, showing the pice of paper with our appointment date. This + a woman, who obvious knew more about the whole thing, helped me out and I got registered. After this I had to go down town to the Social Insurance office. A longer walk – but I’m getting good at taking chances (road wise) and finding the right way:)

This even if everything is in Greek! Or maybe I’m just in luck, standing outside the right building, when asking for the places I need to find.

Our Angel

As Morten works all day, Mikkeline is stuck with me and all my running around Paphos! Both on the flight and at the different departments, she has been an angel. She also has her favorite teddy with her to keep her company and she tells him stories and points at things:) Very cute.

On the flight I hoped that she would sleep some of the way – but no – she decided to fall asleep just before we landed in Athens – She was all out – so I was walking around Athens Airport, with a sleeping child in my hands and a very heavy bag across my bag. I found a cafe and put her on a couch, while I got something to eat my self.

 Saturday the 19th – 19 degrees at 11 o’clock

As Morten has the weekends off, we decided to go down to the harbor. Its a 5 km walk aprox. Down hill – and yes 5 km up hill back!

Morten had the week before met some other Danes, who invited him to a danish Easter lunch. Some of them are starting a candy shop down at the water front, and after a breakfast stop and some walking about the water front – we found their shop and I got to meet them. All very nice people and with children. One couple has a son, who is two months older than Mikkeline. After a joined lunch with them, we went back up hill – it only took one coffee stop back. Both Morten and I ended up with blisters, as we were wearing sandals, not yet worn in for the summer:)

Shopping, work etc.

Our apartment is situated aprox. 2 km from the city center – but we are surrounded by everything we need, within 15 min walking distance. Morten only has 10 min walk to work.

We do have to go a longer way to get to a playground – but one of the Danes is so kind to take Mikkeline and I with her and her son to play group on Wednesday and later we are visiting the playground. Mikkeline really misses to play on playgrounds and being around other children.

Most of the restaurants down by the water have a play area!

This is all for now. You are welcome to leave a comment or ask questions.


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