A child magnet

Redblond, blue eyes, baby doll face and tiny is a dangerous combination if there are other kids around. Mikkeline is certainly a child magnet!

If we are out among other kids and Mikkeline sees a younger child she points and says “baby”. If we meet older kids, they point and say “baby”.

The other day we went to the playground with Louise and Miranda’s girls (5 girls in the age of 2,5 – 6 years old), and they all wanted to help her, follow her and touch her hair/face.

Then Sunday we went down to the harbor and visited a restaurant with an indoor play area. There were a lot of children in there, but Mikkeline also likes to observe other kids. It didn’t take long before some girls (and a boy) found her interesting.  Mikkeline also showed an interest in the girls and followed them round in the play area, copying their moves. They also wanted to help, follow and touch her hair and face, so some times Mikkeline toke cover by her mother, when it got too much for her.


Mikkeline has now been in daycare for a couple of weeks and she seem to enjoy it very much. There are 2-4 older kids there as well, one of which is Danish. Mikkeline gets her daily dosis of child interaction and her mother get some time to find work.

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