A lot of L’s

Here in Paphos we are a lot of Danes starting with L… Lisbeth, Lise-Lotte, Louise and me (Lotte). In the last 14 days I’ve met a lot of nice people. Especially Lisbeth has been very kind and helpful. She also has a 20 month old son, Alexander. Mikkeline and him play well together, they have even hold hands:)


After a 30 minutes walk I found the playground, luckily it only took med 15 min to go back – found a short cut:) Mikkeline loves the playground, especially the swings and her beloved teddy “Bamse” also got to ride with her. Last time she crawled up 3 meters to try a slide for older children – and again Bamse came with her to the top. The slide goes round coming down – but down she went – when I caught her down the bottom she was facing backwards.


 Job situation

So far I have send my resume to two places, which I got from the department of labor. One is as a sales person and the other is as a customer service personal. I got a call from the first one today, asking me to an interview, so lets see what the week brings.

 Dogs and cats

Mikkeline is very fond of animals, in particular dogs! Here almost everybody has a pet – and there are a lot of dogs and cats here, which means Mikkeline is a very happy girl and always on the lookout for a dog, which in danish says: “Vov Vov”.

 Sorry that the photos are sideways!

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